Brown Trout on the Wurum

Do you ever get those days where you just have to get out fishing? You have absolutely nothing else to do but tie flies, the weather is dismal, most wouldn’t even venture outside to walk the dog, but you still decide to put on your chest waders and go fishing.

A few weeks ago I done just that. The day before we had some heavy rain, just enough to make things a little uncomfortable whilst wading, and to raise the river a few inches. More than I’d expected actually. I strung together the French leader and nymphed a few likely looking runs, the water was pushing hard and very little fly life appeared throughout the day. But the video below shows how fishing to the conditions can be very rewarding…

With the rising river many bankside bugs and larva can get washed into the water, with the worm being most common. It was only a week before I caught a trout just below an small inlet that actually had a worm hanging out of it’s mouth, so the worm went on and withing 10 chucks I managed to net this little beauty. 9 inches of perfectly wild trout from a secret location high up in the mountains.

The worm is big, nearly 4 inches long, but the movement it gives is unreal and the feel it has must be very much like the real thing… although I haven’t tried it… I really can’t wait to try the black ones!

One thought on “Brown Trout on the Wurum

  1. Nice brown trout! I go out fishing even in the worst weather conditions once I have decided. I endured so many heavy rains on weekends just because on Friday I have decided that I am going to go fishing no matter what 🙂
    I use worms a lot. They seem to be pretty universal, I think worms get washed into every river, so trouts seem to know them all around the world.

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