Make it Wobble! Floating Fry

It was around 5 years ago I first come across a product called Sili Skin, an adhesive backed silicone sheet with a pearlescent finish. After wondering what to tie with it for weeks, I finally cut a fry shaped piece from the sheet, a tail and a flat head… Wound it around the hook and thought it looked fairly impressive.

But what I like about most fry patterns is that they wobble, pop and jump from the water, such as a distressed fry would under attack… And this style simply wouldn’t pop as well as others – So on goes the foam back, a wobble head and a Sili Skin body… and my favourite floating fry was born!

Since then however, I haven’t seen the product anywhere to buy with the last of my sheet being used years previous. Lucky for me, Toby at Funky Fly Tying had something similar, so similar in fact it was practically the same stuff! A double sided adhesive sheet called Gummi Body which you apply a sheet of coloured foil to one side and peel away the film. Gummi Body Foil is available in a vast array of colours so any means of fish patterns could be made. I prefer the pearl.

To add an extra ‘target’ to the fly, a set of coloured epoxy eyes are a must. the difference between the red and pearl is outstanding as you can see in the still from the video, the red does look deadly!

The Fry pattern is and will be one of my favourites for fry bashing until something else comes along – The problem is with many fry patterns is that you get hell of a lot of takes, but almost 70% of fish refuse to eat the fly confidently – This pattern however catches many more than any other fry pattern I’ve come across, unless it’s a sparkler booby!

See how it swims in this video:


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