Fry time! Tying a Minkie

Kieron Jenkins Flies
As the competition season comes to a close, not before the last big final of the year, the Airflo/Anglian on Rutland water, it’s almost time to hit the fry feeders! A time which many anticipate big fish, strong leaders and often BIG flies. Personally I don’t go above a size 8, I’ve never really been in a situation where I thought a larger fly would out fish my usual stuff.

Looking in my ‘lure box’ over the weekend it’s certainly in the need of some TLC – So thought I’d make a start with some brown minkies for an up and coming trip I had planned to Draycote. It turn out that we never even looking inside the big fly box, they were on dries the majority of the day! But, the box looked a lot healthier.

Tied on a Fulling Mill Competition Heavy Weight with a leaded body and a two and a half inch brown mink tail, this fly has plenty of size, movement and indeed shape to represent growing fry. The body is Hares Ear Prism Dubbing product by SLF, a lovely, thin dubbing which is very easy to use, this colour will be great for river flies… The material doesn’t actually have any hares ear mixed in, but the colour mix with the synthetic and glister give a lovely tan/brown colour.

Looking forward to putting it in front of a fish this weekend!

Brown Minkie Dressing

Hook: FM Competition Heavyweight Size 10
Thread: Brown Sheer
Underbody: Round Lead Wire
Tail/Wing: Brown Mink Strip
Body: SLF Prism Hares Ear DubbingRib: Gold Wire
Eyes: Jungle Cock Eyes

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