Happy Trout Season

Hurra! The trout season is officially upon us here in South Wales. It’s this time of year I’ve been looking froward to for so long, time to get back in the boat and don the waders to hit the upper Taff and Ebbw. This time of year has seemed so long away with the never ending bad weather we’ve been experiencing, but the fly boxes … Continue reading Happy Trout Season

Tying a Rhyac Caddis Pattern

The Rhyac caddis is a pattern which is usually replicated with something extremely complicated and time consuming to tie. While they look brilliant, they take up much more time and effort to tie and produce the same or less results! Here’s a simple pattern I’ve used for years, it’s relitively easy to tie and shouldn’t take too long to master. I like changing the colour … Continue reading Tying a Rhyac Caddis Pattern

Pink CDC Grayling Bug

The weathers been dismal for the last few weeks and im sure the sales of tungsten beads and barbless hooks have risen tenfold. My tungsten bead selection has been decimated and some wonderful looking bugs have been produced. Below is a pattern I’ve been messing around with, this time with a couple of turns of flu pink CDC as a hackle. It’s a fly I … Continue reading Pink CDC Grayling Bug