Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

After returning from the Lexus Team final which was held on Rutland water, it’s time to start preparing for the Rivers Trial and the up and coming Airflo Anglian Water Final. That’s my excuse for the lack of blog posts, anyway! As you may have already saw, Rutland fished extremely well for the two days at the Lexus Team Final, with a rod average of … Continue reading Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

Rutland Water Airflo/Anglian Water Final

The’ she blows… Rutters, Rutland call her what you will, she’s always got a special place in my heart! We’ll, were heading to Rutland on Saturday for 3 Days Practising and then the Final competition days Tuesday and Wednesday. The event is for teams of six anglers and will follow the same popular format as previous years. Teams take part in a series of local … Continue reading Rutland Water Airflo/Anglian Water Final

The last few weekends!

I must be honest, Fishing the last few weekends has been great. I’ve been out, getting as much fishing in as one can! Two days on the river a week ago, Fishing the Cynon with Fishstalker and creator of, and also the Wye with friends and team members of the World Youth Team which were going to Italy a week Friday. The Wye was … Continue reading The last few weekends!