Rutland Water Airflo/Anglian Water Final

The’ she blows… Rutters, Rutland call her what you will, she’s always got a special place in my heart!

We’ll, were heading to Rutland on Saturday for 3 Days Practising and then the Final competition days Tuesday and Wednesday.

The event is for teams of six anglers and will follow the same popular format as previous years. Teams take part in a series of local rounds, national finals and for those lucky enough to make it, the two-day international final – a real treat and usually the fishing is top notch.

I guess we’ve all been at the vice, tearing out the flies and conditions recently haven’t been the best or most settled. I know most of the teams from Wales are raring for the Final as over the past few years the Airflo Anglian Fianl seems to be the best, and biggest competition about, attracting anglers from all European Countries.

Sometimes, I like to look at this picture to get in the mood for competitions. What do you do? Will post a few blogs through the week! Tightlines!

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