New camera

Well atlast, Friday’s here the day before the weekend and we’re let out to play – A long but satisfying week in work has enhanced the thought of fishing this weekend, with a  newly acquired membership for the River Ewenny, Pen-coed angling club – Me and bish are thinking of heading there in the morning. Sunday means Farmoor II – A concrete bowl filled full of fish throughout the … Continue reading New camera

The last few weekends!

I must be honest, Fishing the last few weekends has been great. I’ve been out, getting as much fishing in as one can! Two days on the river a week ago, Fishing the Cynon with Fishstalker and creator of, and also the Wye with friends and team members of the World Youth Team which were going to Italy a week Friday. The Wye was … Continue reading The last few weekends!

Sedge with a Secret!

When I’ve been using dry flies in the past, especially flies incorporating CDC, they always seem to die after catching a fish – I might be lucky and get two! I’ve been trying different ways of getting my flies to float for longer without having to carry many of the same pattern and changing the flies and leader more than needed. Although, i tend to change my … Continue reading Sedge with a Secret!