Kieron – 1 | Grassy bank – 0

We all enjoy a chuckle every now and again watching our mates slip down that grassy banking, on a slimy weeded rock in the middle of a river, heck, I laugh when it happens to me! It all makes the day more enjoyable, but not on a cold winters day, when there is plenty of daylight to still be out on the river in. I … Continue reading Kieron – 1 | Grassy bank – 0

6lb of Farmoor Muscle

The trout season is just only around the corner at just 6 full weeks away… tying has commenced with booby eyes being perfectly rounded, lashed onto hooks and awaiting the arrival of its fluffy tail, slim bodies and pronounced wings. To get us back into the swing of things we take a few needed trips to Farmoor reservoir, where the casting cobwebs can be blow … Continue reading 6lb of Farmoor Muscle