Wales WIN Gold in Scotland

The 29th of June saw the Rivers international hosted on Scotland’s River Tay. Four teams of five anglers represented England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to competed for the honour of International champions. The Welsh team consisted of six anglers, Dean, Allen, Mark, Bushy – Manager, Terry – Reserve and I Captain. Preparation is everything When fishing such competitions I always find things run more smoothly … Continue reading Wales WIN Gold in Scotland

It’s all coming together nicely..

With the river levels over last weekend seeming to drop, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the River Wye and its tributaries, but unexpectedly, the Wye rose a foot or more within a few hours last Tuesday and has been like it ever since. But, with this cold snap last night and its forecast to be cold again tonight, the river dropped a few inches and … Continue reading It’s all coming together nicely..