What’s been happening?

After my most recent post about catching carp on the fly, things have been a little quite on here as you may have noticed! My fishing however hasn’t and fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to fish plenty over the last few weeks, racking up the miles as well as the fish numbers! Colin Thomas, National sales manager at Airflo and I decided to venture to … Continue reading What’s been happening?

Grayling Fun on the Itchen

Again, myself and Gareth were lucky enough to be invited to another chalkstream to target some of the largest UK grayling we’ve ever seen! Steve Carew from Fulling Mill was gracious enough to invite us to their stretch of the river Itchen to target some of the large fish which inhabit within. This was the second time I’ve fished the Itchen, the last time it … Continue reading Grayling Fun on the Itchen

Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs

Grub patterns are a favourite of mine when it comes to winter fishing. Personally, I tend find these out-fish my usual jig style patterns, especially in slower water and the grayling are less inclined to move far off-station for food. Grayling bugs such as these are ideal for fishing on a french leader, czech nymph setup or indeed beneath an indicator, set so the flies … Continue reading Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs