Welsh Rivers Team 2013

So the trials have been and gone, with 15 participants fishing for just three places in the team, and a reserve spot. It looked as if it was going to be a tough day at the office before anglers even don their chest waders. There were a few hiccup such as one or two controllers not turning up with officials having to stand in but each angler had … Continue reading Welsh Rivers Team 2013

Welsh River Trials

Sunday is the Welsh rivers trials, a qualifier to make next years river international on the river Taff. It will be fished on the same stretches of the river that the international will be fished on, getting the best possible team on the very same river the competition will be held on. Makes sense, don’t you think? Myself and Allen already in the team due … Continue reading Welsh River Trials

The Taff Demise? I think not.

Fly fishing on rivers has become vastly popular over the last eight to ten years, I remember days when we were the only anglers on the river. You could go anywhere, on any river and not see ten other anglers throughout the whole winter! There would seem to be just the few hardy grayling fishers, standing in the river with the water below 3 degrees and the air … Continue reading The Taff Demise? I think not.