Time for the Spinner Falls

It’s that time of year already! The evenings are getting slightly shorter each night, the temperatures dropping and the dew is starting, it’s spinner time! Well, it’s been happening for quite some time now, but only recently I’ve had to time to get out and fish the evening myself, and I’ve been blown away by the sport I’ve been getting on the river Ebbw and … Continue reading Time for the Spinner Falls

Wales Take Gold on the Taff

Firstly I must apologies for the lack of posts on here recently, it’s been due to a mixture of different competitions all seeming to creep up in one hit – with time spent behind the computer, other than for work purposes is usually replaced with the fly tying vice to stock up on the latest and most effective patterns. A lot of my free fishing … Continue reading Wales Take Gold on the Taff

Et Viola! The Pink Braid Bugs Work!

With plenty of snow still infesting, it seems, the ground, Sunday was probably the last day we’d get in the river until after the big thaw and the high, cold, salty waters retreat back to normal. Terry from the Taff Diaries blog, Lewy and I headed to the Taff for a couple of hours of grayling therapy. It was tough starting off with just a … Continue reading Et Viola! The Pink Braid Bugs Work!