Anglian Water results

Competition Day One

The first day of the competition was upon us, 3 hard days of practice behind us and a little bit of a clue to where and what to fish.

We met our boat partners, and carried out fishing tackle to the boats. I drew a great boat partner, Brian, From Ireland. We headed to the dam, and stayed there all day! The dam seemed to be the area for a lot of teams, and it was our honing for the day.

I took 1, and my partner Brian, 1. I fished the Airflo midge tip for most of the day, as I was getting the odd take and Tony was on 5-6 fish by about 2pm! The wind picked up even further, and my takes dried up. I swapped to the Airflo Sixth Sense slow glass and it was like flicking a switch. Takes and pulls and within the hour another fish in the boat. I thought to stay on this fly line and take as many fish as I can. At the end of the day, I ended with 3 fish. A pretty respectable score! Here are a few pictures and the results after the first day.

1. Seighford Sharks – 31 fish for 72lb 115/8oz
2. England Youth North – 25 fish for 64lb 37/8oz
3. Welsh Hawks – 20 fish for 62lb 65/8oz
4. Nymph-a-Maniacs – 22 fish for 52lb 61/8oz
5. Leven Fly Casters – 22 fish for 48lb 15oz
6. Team Airflo – 21 fish for 47lb 155/8oz
7. Team G. Loomis – 21 fish for 46lb 111/8oz
8. Saltire Flyfishers – 18 fish for  44lb 33/8oz
9. Soldier Palmers – 17 fish for 41lb 111/8oz
10. Flextec Emerald Islanders – 15 fish for 38lb 11/2oz
11. Airflo Team Cormorants – 14 fish for 34lb 4oz
12. OTFA (Stromness)  –  12 fish for 30lb 35/8oz
13. Team Vision – 12 fish for 27lb 47/8oz
14. Blagdon FF Bristol Water – 12 fish for 26lb 53/8oz
15. Team Sunburst  – 11 fish for 22lb 143/4oz
16. G. Loomis Team Belgium – 9 fish for 21lb 121/8oz
17. Prince Albert AS  – 9 fish for 20lb 145/8oz
18. Greenwell Persuaders A –  8 fish for 19lb 121/2oz
19. Llanilar AA – 8 fish for 18lb 121/4oz
20. Neilston Flyfishers – 10 fish for 18lb 87/8oz
21. Shetland Anglers Assoc.  – 7 fish for 18lb 73/4oz
22. Froggies Fly Fishers – 7 fish for 16lb 43/8oz
23. OTFA (Kirkwall) –  4 fish 11lb 97/8oz

Top Rod Overall: Gareth Dixon, Welsh Hawks 8 fish for 26lb 15/8oz
Best Rainbow: Mark Duncan, Flextec Emerald Islanders 5lb 85/8oz
Best Brown:Mick McLintic, Seighford Sharks 7lb 83/4oz

Tony Cartwright – Nymph-a-maniacs
Best Brown:Mick McLintic, Seighford Sharks 7lb 83/4oz

After Day one a greater picture is normally produced of the fishing, methods, areas etc, so an in depth meeting is normally the best to learn from each team members days and their partners potentially useful information.

Competition Day Two

Our spirits were high, being in 4th position coming into the second day, but not nearly as high as the wind. The wind had increased by a few mph which made the fishing difficult. I headed back down towards the dam to the areas where I fished the day before. Not so many people seemed to venture as far as the dam due to the wind but there were some hardy guys who joined us.

The fishing wasn’t easy, and sometimes impossible to cast back into the wind. There where a few fish being caught, the water had cleared up somewhat from the previous days due to the cooler weather.

At around 2pm the wind seemed to be at it’s worse. Making casting impossible and who dared to cast, seemed to end up in knots! A lot of nylon was used over the second day I can assure you!

I had one fish at 2pm, and reverted back to the Airflo Sightfree G3 Nylon 8lb. Within one drift, I took 3 further fish and dropped one. The fishing seemed to be shaping up, even though the wind was blowing its hardest. I looked back up wind to look for the next available gap and for my next drift and I could see the Safety boat heading down wind. As I made my way back up to my next desired drift, I could see a boat having some difficulty starting it’s engine on the dam wall. Assuming this is where the Safety boat was heading, We kept an eye out and the boat eventually washed up along the dam wall, filling up with water and the anglers evacuating their kit. Scary stuff if you think about it, imagine you was in that position? At least the rangers were on hand!

After the boat was rescued, we were all instructed to leave the main basin and head up the north or south arm, where the wind was calmer. A good move for the safety of the anglers, but fishing wise, it didn’t do any of the teams any favours. After a long, wet, hard day it was finally 5pm and here are the days results.

1. Nymph-a-Maniacs 21 fish for 481lb 15/8oz
2. Welsh Hawks 18 fish for 44lb 11/4oz
3. Saltire Flyfishers 17 fish for 41lb 141/2oz
4. Greenwell Persuaders ‘A’ 16 fish for 37lb 23/8oz
5. Team Airflo 14 fish for 36lb 13/4oz
6. OFTA (Kirkwall) 14 fish for 34lb 111/2oz
7. Airflo Team Cormorants 14 fish for 34lb 63/8oz
8. Prince Albert AS 13 fish for 32lb 41/8oz
9. Soldier Palmers 13 fish for 32lb 0oz
10. Team G. Loomis 12 fish for 31lb 153/4oz
11. Seighford Sharks 10 fish for 28lb 81/2oz
12. Team Vision 13 fish for 25lb 105/8oz
13. OFTA (Stromness) 10 fish for 24lb 9oz
14. Blagdon FF Bristol Water 9 fish for 21lb 151/8oz
15. Llanilar AA 12 fish for 21lb 17/8oz
16. Flextec Emerald Islanders 9 fish for 20lb 141/4oz
17. England Youth North 10 fish for 20lb 11/2oz
18. G. Loomis Team Belgium 6 fish for 15lb 115/8oz
19. Neilston Flyfishers 6 fish for 14lb 51/4oz
20. Leven Fly Casters 5 fish for 12lb 147/8oz
21. Sheltand Anglers Association 5 fish for 10lb 115/8oz
22. Froggies Fly Fishers 4 fish for 10lb 31/4oz
23. Team Sunburst 2 fish for 4lb 41/4oz

Top Rod Overall: Aled Dixon, Welsh Hawks 8 fish for 18lb 123/4oz
Best Rainbow: Phil Dixon, Seighford Sharks 5lb 63/8oz
Best Brown: Alec Vanrijkel, G. Loomis Team Belgium 4lb 73/4oz

Statistics :
Number of Anglers: 138
Number of fish caught: 253
Total weight of fish caught: 604lb 7oz
Average Fish Weight: 2lb 6oz
Average Bag Weight: 4lb 6oz
Rod Average: 1.83

Hold on to your hat! I lost mine! R.I.P Vision Cap.

Overall Resuls

Overall Result:
1. Welsh Hawks 38 fish for 106lb 77/8oz
2. Seighford Sharks 41 fish for 101lb 41/8oz
3. Nymph-a-Maniacs 43 fish for 101lb 33/4oz
4. Saltire Flyfishers 35 fish for 86lb 17/8oz
5. England Youth North 35 fish for 84lb 53/8oz
6. Team Airflo 35 fish for 84lb 13/8oz
7. Team G. Loomis 35 fish for 78lb 107/8oz
8. Soldier Palmers 30 fish for 73lb 111/8oz
9. Airflo Team Cormorants 30 fish for 68lb 103/8oz
10. Leven Fly Casters 27 fish for 61lb 137/8oz
11. Flextec Emerald Islanders 24 fish for 58lb 153/4oz
12. Greenwell Persuaders ‘A’ 24 fish for 56lb 147/8oz
13. OFTA (Stromness) 22 fish for 54lb 125/8oz
14. Prince Albert AS 22 fish for 53lb 23/4oz
15. Team Vision 25 fish for 52lb 151/2oz
16. Blagdon FF Bristol Water 21 fish for 48lb 41/2oz
17. OFTA (Kirkwall) 18 fish for 46lb 53/8oz
18. Llanilar AA 20 fish for 39lb 141/8oz
19. G. Loomis Team Belgium 15 fish for 37lb 73/4oz
20. Neilston Flyfishers 16 fish for 32lb 141/8oz
21. Sheltand Anglers Association 12 fish for 29lb 33/8oz
22. Team Sunburst 13 fish for 27lb 3oz
23. Froggies Fly Fishers 11 fish for 26lb 75/8oz

Overseas Trophy: Flextec Emerald Islanders 24 fish for 58lb 153/4oz

Top Rod Overall: Phil Dixon, Seighford Sharks 10 fish for 30lb 31/4oz

Statistics Overall:
Number of Anglers: 138
Number of fish caught: 588
Total weight of fish caught: 1411lb 0oz
Average Fish Weight: 2lb 61/2oz
Rod Average: 2.13

First Place – Welsh Hawks
Second Place – Seighford Sharks
Third Place – Nymph-a-Maniacs
Best Bag – Day 1 – Gareth Dixon
Best Bag – Day 2 – Aled DixonOverall Best bag – Phil Dixon

All in all a great week, Great company, fishing was good – what else do you need?

For a full 5 Day report – take a look at the Fishtec blog – Airflo Anglian

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