A Full Fishing Weekend!

What an exciting thing to look forward too!

It’s been nearly a year since I set foot on the concrete bank of which is Farmoor – Boxing day 2010 the lake was frozen solid, 50 anglers on the lake with around 500 yards of ice free fish-able water. All crammed into one area the fishing certainly wasn’t going to be easy! Within the first 5 minutes we’d found our little areas for the day, afraid to move and leaving that one piece of ice free water to be taken by another angler we set-up and started fishing. 2nd cast, I hooked and lost a fish at about mid range – bare in mind, casting further than 35 yards was nearly impossible because of the icebergs and such floating around! But, after this short pit of excitement, a long few hours was to come.

Nothing was hooked, missed or seen for the next 3 hours! The fog was terrible it was like looking into a wall of nothing. At around 2pm the fog lifted and I saw 2 fish rise, to what was unknown but two of my flies wern’t long after in it’s area.

Half an hour passed, and I hooked into a fish on the point fly – a pink and white booby. It turned out to be a brown. Happy days! another 10 casts and I’d landed another brown and a Rainbow about 3lb. A good, cold, challenging days fishing.

Looking at the reports, it’s fishing a bit better than then – No Ice :D.

So, Sunday im off to Draycote. Something I’ve been looking forward to all week. I booked a boat this morning so it’s official! My first trip to Draycote for over 3 years! I can’t wait.

Minkies and Humungus boobies have been tied, just took delivery of my Airflo Airlite NANO comp Special fly fishing rod! 😀

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