Dry Fly Fishing on Draycote

With the end of the Trout season is upon us, I took it on my duty to fish Draycote once before the end of the season.

My and Lloyd fished untill dark, taking into double figures to the boat.

We went with some intention of boating a few of the better fish which were described as ‘horses’ by one guy. Fishing for a few hours for these bigger fish, nothing came of it so we went on the search for some good sport on the dries.

Hitting the areas where the bankies were, staying over 50 yards out Of course, we thought it was a good idea to see what was happening.

The bankies were hitting a few, but the boats not so much, it seemed like you had to be in the areas, close in. A hard task when the fish seem to be populating the only areas where bank anglers can fish!

What we done was head out to the shallows in the middle, to get our own piece of shallow water. What seemed to be key.

Here is how the day went  – in picture format 🙂

Check out the full report here at the Fishtec blog

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