Klinkhammer Mania!

Wednesday night sees the Osprey Fly Fishers Association meet every Wednesday at the local club house situated in Abercynon. Most Wednesdays see around 15-20 members turn up and talk fishing tackle and swap big fish stories for a few hours whilst others fill their fly boxes up.

After fishing the Wye last weekend and having to borrow a Klinkhammer to fish the Klink and Dink! Did I just say that? I thought it would have been a good time to take the tying kit and tie a few Klinks for the box.  Two and a half hours and two cans of Carling resulted in 10 size 14 and 10 size 16 Olive Klinkhammers.

The Klink is a great pattern fished as an emerger, dry fly or indicator – both river or lake.

Hook – Stimulator Hyabusa size 14-18
Thread – UTC White 70
Post – Pink Aero Dry
Body – Olive Possum
Thorax – Black Possum
Hackle – Grizzle Saddle Microbarb

Check out the ospreys club website – Anyone in the South Wales area looking for some grayling fishing, check out the waters as they own most of the best grayling /trout fishing on the Taff for just £10 a winter ticket!. http://www.ospreyffa.co.uk/



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