Fishing Over Christmas

Hi Guys! Sorry for the lack of posts over the Festive period! I hope you all had a great few days off work and got some fishing in??

Personally I spent the unfishable days on the vice and the fishable days in the Taff and Ewenney, trying to raise the Grayling count for 2011!

Yesterday, Bushy, Terry and I fished the Taff around the  Upper Boat area, on the Ospreys fly fishers water; which was pushing, probably a little too high if anything. But we still stuck it out through the freezing hail and torrential rain. Bushy was expected to christen his brand new Greys Streamflex 10ft 3 weight fly rod… but, I’ll let him tell you what happened.

As expected, the fish count wasn’t massive, probably 25 fish between the three of us – with a few brownies mixed in with the total.



One thought on “Fishing Over Christmas

  1. Good read that Ron, lets us lesser mortals see what the conditions are like before setting out. Cheers Dai

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