What have I been doing?

Over the last few weeks I haven’t seemed to have the time to do anything! Things keep cropping up and once you finish one, another is in the pipeline. Thankfully now I seem on top of most things and I can get back round to running the blog!

The last few weekends have been packed full of fishing and its been great! Just what is needed at the start of the season to get you back into the swing of things.

Opening weekend and the week after I managed to get 3 days fishing in on Llandegfedd. The place is full of fish, with many good, overwintered fish coming out on buzzers and boobies. They have seemed to be pumping in recently and the water is keeping its colour, bright fly patterns don’t seem to be working so well as in the colour spectrum, the bring colours loose visibility the deeper through water they go. Black has been my stand out pattern and when it gets a little tricky, black and green. The green makes the fly a somewhat subtle in the water tempting the fish to engage.

I’ve had a few trips on the river too eagerly awaiting the first 2lber of the season! Jonathan had his first day out on the River Ebbw, see previous post, and I lost one on the Usk, Saturday gone. We turned up early to get a few hours nymphing as we had to leave around mid-day, we brought a few fish to hand on the nymphs but all attention was turned to dries after just 2 hours of fishing. The Large dark olives started to make an appearance with the odd fish topping in the shallows. Later through the day the Brook Dunns really kicked in for about half an hour, with what seemed to be every fish in the river taking them. I think we ended with about 20 to the net in just under 4 hours. Not a bad first day.

Sunday saw me head to Clywedog, somewhere I’ve always loved and never spent enough time on the last few years. It had been fishing remarkably well over the last couple of years, everything seems a lot more organised under the watchful eye of the new committee, Gazza and Russel. The fishing was hard to start off with but to my surprise there were a few small black buzzers both on the water and in the air. We made our way to the top end of the lake and decided to work down, my choice of fly line was the di 5 Sixth Sense and Lloyd opted for a di 3 Sweep, the thought covering the layers would result in us finding the majority of the takes. Best flies were tungy head black/mosiac nobblers and blobs! Stocky bashing you may say, but a high proportion of our fish were over wintered.

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