Lake Flies – Tying Videos

Throughout the winter anglers either turn their hand to river fishing in search of Grayling or to the small waters targeting large rainbows or browns, frankily anything that will take a fly!

When the rivers are flooded I usually head off to Farmoor, Garnfrwydd or Felindre, just so I can wet a line and hopefully get something to pull my string…

Waters such as these which are regularly stocked can get tough despite the introduction of fresh fish. Angling pressure, frosts or coloured water will hinder the fishes feeding habits and sometimes you’ll need a fly to attract the fish be it by colour, movement, or sheer size. MY favourite throughout the winter has to be the black and green lure – A simple but very effective fly which can be tied in many variants, montana, tadpole or viva style.

Also, check out my fly tying video page here – Ronsfishing fly tying

Another great fly for the winter fishing months has to be the diawl bach, tied with more ‘bling’ than you’d usually incorporate throughout the summer, this fly can be used as an attractor pattern or an effective stalking fly.

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