Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and Santa brought you some lovely fishing tackle??

The rivers have been up and down like a yoyo the past few weeks and right now, the only time a lot of people have off and want to go fishing they are unable to even step foot in the edge! It has put a downer on many peoples plans and just like Dave Wiltshire, we’ve been rained off our favourite rivers and cancelled a few grayling days.

Yesterday however I managed to sneak a day in at garnfrwydd fly fishery with Bushy and Terry. The weather was against us from the off, but we made hay of the fishing whilst we had chance.

When the wind was calm, stalking the fish riding high in the water with leaded spiders and dry flies was the answer. I managed to take into double figures using a leaded new age black and peacock spider. A simple fly, olive and black glister mix over a lead wire body and a black hackle.

The fish were high in the water and if the fly dropped below that magic level, they wouldn’t be interested the slightest.  An un-weighted spider seemed to sit too high in the film, having to wait longer for the fly to cut and sink into the fishes feeding zone, a couple of turns of lead seemed to do the trick.

A lovely brown and a fantastic tiger both fell foul to the leaded spider.





I’ve recently been sorting out a few of my fly boxes for the lake season ahead. I started on the easy stuff, going through my cormorant box. Here’s a firm favourite of mine, this can be adapted very easily by changing the colour of the cheeks and holographic body. A simple but very effective style of fly.

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