Et Viola! The Pink Braid Bugs Work!

With plenty of snow still infesting, it seems, the ground, Sunday was probably the last day we’d get in the river until after the big thaw and the high, cold, salty waters retreat back to normal. Terry from the Taff Diaries blog, Lewy and I headed to the Taff for a couple of hours of grayling therapy. It was tough starting off with just a few trout to hand but as the day grew on, more and more fly become active and a couple of fish popped their heads up.

Both Terry and Lewy took fish on dries and the duo- technique, I stuck to the french leader and took many fish out of a slow glide – It’s the kind of place they are always in, it’s just locating the depth and section their in. Once you get the first few fish you’re usually away and the number keep racking up.

We netted some good fish, including some out of season brown trout, but the average weight of the grayling seemed to be one and a quarter pounds with the odd bigger one. Ideal end to a long weekend!

Few of the fish fell to this pink bug, a variation of the fly in the post below. Im happy!

Pink Grayling Bug - Ronsfishing

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