How to tie a Mayfly Nymph

It’s about time the Mayfly started to put in an appearance on the surrounding south Wales rivers – And there’s nothing worse than being caught out without any ammo! It’s completely obvious when the fish are feeding on the adult from the surface… large head and rail rises at the back ends of the pools mixed with a few splashy over excited fish with eyes bigger than their body. Earlier on in the day you do have the chance of picking up some bonus fish on nymphs as the fly start to become more active . Look for silty, sandy bottoms in slack water. That’s where the mayfly nymph reside and become prone to trout activity.

The above fly is a simple tie but gives a great representative of a nymph, emerger or even shuck tied in the right colours. Give it a go over the next couple of weeks. It’s also a great fly all year round on smallwaters!

Check out more fly tying tips on this page 🙂

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