Re-stocking The Fly Boxes

Ronsfishing Funky Fly Tying

As we get into the full swing of my competitive fly fishing season, it’s almost guaranteed that many flies will be lost, given away or simply misplaced after swapping patterns – So it’s a great time of the year to get the extra patterns tied up along with your current favourites.

Toby at Funky Fly Tying was kind enough to send me down a selection of his tungsten beads – A wonderful selection of bright and vibrant colours, with a decent painted finish. As many of you know many painted beads I’ve used in the past had a tendency to flake away when being tied with, but these have already passed this milestone.

Last winter was the first time I put an anodized bead on a hook – I’ve never really liked the colours available but thought I had to give them a swim – And I’m very glad I did! The Anodized green tungsten beads from funky are ideal for damsel patterns, whilst the pink is great for bloodworm patterns and buzzers.

Anodized tungsten beaded damsel


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