Time for the Spinner Falls

Ronsfishing Spinner Fall

It’s that time of year already! The evenings are getting slightly shorter each night, the temperatures dropping and the dew is starting, it’s spinner time!

Well, it’s been happening for quite some time now, but only recently I’ve had to time to get out and fish the evening myself, and I’ve been blown away by the sport I’ve been getting on the river Ebbw and upper Taff! There’s something seriously addictive about watching those little tiny dimples, then seeing what’s behind it when you manage to hook one as the light starts to fade!

Watching the spinners dance above the surface of the river as they’re mating and dropping their eggs is amazing, the sheer number of rusty coloured olives  just make you want to get your rods out.

It’s a great time to get out and fish for something big, when the spinners fall, the fish can become daft, as long as your presentation isn’t too bad and you’re fly sits right, the rest isn’t so important. Many times your leader can be sitting on the surface and the fish still comes and takes your fly. But don’t let that fool you, practicing the right way by de-greasing your tippet, changing it when it’s kinked etc will always put more fish on the bank.

One thing I really love for spinner fishing is the Airflo Super Dri Elite, the fly line itself casts great, but when you cast just short of a fish and you need to re-cast, pealing the line off the surface is effortless with minimal disturbance, hooking fish at range is also aided as the line doesn’t grab the surface like many that sit lower in the water on lift off.

Fishing until late evening, almost into darkness is the best time to hit a spinner fall, the fish can’t see you, you can barely see them, and the sensation is incredible. Your fly is almost invisible and all you’re looking for is a small rise somewhere about where your fly is… You should give it a go.


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