Some recent flies…

Like most anglers at this time of year I’ve spent a lot of time at the vice filling up the fly boxes ready for the up and coming season. Early season usually means fishing deep with fast sinking fly lines and lures. On the other scale, midge and buzzer patterns fished static throughout the layers can also produce some great results, especially as the weaither starts to warm up and the bloodworm are active.

I’ve focused on this for my last batch of fly tying; midge and lure patterns. As a little taster, take a look below at the YouTube videos.

Red Holographic Stripped Quill Buzzer 

A firm favourite point fly on large reservoirs and small-waters. Tied on heavy weight hooks to drag a team of flies down to the dirt.


*(Click on the images to enlarge)*

Chain Eye Cats Whisker

The chain eyed cats whiskers is a great attractor pattern which catches plenty of fish, all around the world. A personal favourite which features rubber legs for added movement when fishing deep and slow.


*(Click on the images to enlarge)*

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