Pink CDC Grayling Bug

The weathers been dismal for the last few weeks and im sure the sales of tungsten beads and barbless hooks have risen tenfold. My tungsten bead selection has been decimated and some wonderful looking bugs have been produced. Below is a pattern I’ve been messing around with, this time with a couple of turns of flu pink CDC as a hackle. It’s a fly I … Continue reading Pink CDC Grayling Bug

Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs

Grub patterns are a favourite of mine when it comes to winter fishing. Personally, I tend find these out-fish my usual jig style patterns, especially in slower water and the grayling are less inclined to move far off-station for food. Grayling bugs such as these are ideal for fishing on a french leader, czech nymph setup or indeed beneath an indicator, set so the flies … Continue reading Pink and Hares Ear Grayling Bugs

Et Viola! The Pink Braid Bugs Work!

With plenty of snow still infesting, it seems, the ground, Sunday was probably the last day we’d get in the river until after the big thaw and the high, cold, salty waters retreat back to normal. Terry from the Taff Diaries blog, Lewy and I headed to the Taff for a couple of hours of grayling therapy. It was tough starting off with just a … Continue reading Et Viola! The Pink Braid Bugs Work!