Et Viola! The Pink Braid Bugs Work!

With plenty of snow still infesting, it seems, the ground, Sunday was probably the last day we’d get in the river until after the big thaw and the high, cold, salty waters retreat back to normal. Terry from the Taff Diaries blog, Lewy and I headed to the Taff for a couple of hours of grayling therapy. It was tough starting off with just a … Continue reading Et Viola! The Pink Braid Bugs Work!

Taffing about

The recent high water had knocked fishing on the head the last few weekends, forcing us to stay indoors or fish relatively heavy bugs in the margin looking at a swollen river. Sunday morning the river had dropped lower than it has been for a while, dropping around3 inches overnight this left many unfishable areas, fishable letting flies trundle in runs which haven’t been fished in weeks. … Continue reading Taffing about